Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Favorites!

Its cold, and snowy outside. These are my gotta haves this winter!!!

MAC Naked Honey Salve,keeps my lips nice and moist all winter!

My Neutrogena Moisturizer. Its light weight under your favorite make, and is perfect for any skin, because it controls oils and moisturizes dry areas.

The Scent for my winter days is: Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani. It smells like a perfect gush of wind with a sweet freshness.

My Ultra Chi hair straightener. keeps my hair manageable during the winter.

My urban decay I <3 New York Palette gives me a look for everyday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blast from the past: Fashion

So now that I'm break I have been doing some house organizing. I started with my room in my childhood house in the suburbs. I decided to toss my old childhood papers, and barbies to transform the space into an art studio. It's going well, but is not quite finished yet. During the process I found many pictures from the past,this explains were I get my fashion sense from... I thought I would share these amazing photos.

Here I am in my classy dress on my first trip ever, Jamaica. Thanks parents for leaving me with a strange man trying to sell us sea shells.

I hear these are going to be the next trend:

Believe it or not this is a normal site, if you are polish or know my dad.

My grandma, dad and I in style on the polish streets.(seriously look at those hats)

Helping my mom sell in style.

I didn't wanna clash with the duck.

YES! That is a marijuana shirt while exploring the Versailles Palace in France.

No doubt about it! I was a well dressed child, even around the house.

Chillin' in the sun with mom, DIVA STYLE.

Yes, Dad and I had matching jackets. My dad said "Everyone wears such ugly colors, and this way you will stand out. Also, Ill be able to see you when I'm waiting for you to ski down." Thanks dad for rubbing it in that I'm slow. But I got to admit it definitely worked.

Dad and I try out Dubai Fashion.

I had a traditional Polish fashion phase.

Even the camels I ride have fashion.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, I should be posting my favorite winter products soon!