Thursday, March 31, 2011

Limecrime look #1

Yup here it is my first Limecrime inspired look. The lighting in my house is horrible, so sorry if these are not to great. I'm working on a new set you for taking pictures and filming. So I promise soon!!!! Today I decided to go for the color "Retrofuturist", this is the bright red in the collection. I chose this color because I wore a very unique bright colorful dress by Marc Jacobs today and decided my makeup should be a little more classic. I did a clean cut dark smokey eye, instead of my usual colorful lids. I think it went well together with the red lips. NOTE: I did wear a little bit of lip gloss over the lipstick to give it shine and make it stay on longer. I used Femme Fatale '53 Chevy from the Luna Twilight line, it was perfection!





Can't believe its been a year... RIP MOMMY <3

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Limecrime Lipstick!

So the day has come!! Today I finally received all 13 shades of the Limecrime's lipstick Candyfuture collection. I immediately ripped open the package! By the way the packaging on these lipsticks is way too cute. The lipsticks arrived in a teal box with neon green tissue paper, each lipstick in a purple box with a silver unicorn, pretty amazing. Also if you worried, Limecrime just changed the formula of their lipsticks so they are now vegan, and no testing on animals! SCORE!

Here is a picture of the open box:

Now on to my review,
So the first thing I did was try them all on, there is only one shade I'm not a fan,New Yolk City. I feel like it's a little to yellow and I can't figure out a way I could really wear this color out. There are other colors in the collection you would think would be hard to wear, but they are so much prettier and if you have an imagination you will go far. I'm going to show you some swatches the four colors on the right are definitely harder to wear. But guess what I have decided for the next few months, or however it long it will take me I'm going to make, make up looks inspired by each of these lipstick colors! Well maybe besides the New Yolk City. I really don't like it as of now, but who knows? Maybe it will grow on me?

So Overall, if you thinking about buying a Limecrime lipstick, the chances of you liking it are high. They are very pigment,bright and just like the box says they look like candy in the future! I feel like these lipstick will stay on long the texture has this smooth feel to it, but I will update you when I wear them out on the town. So get ready for some Limecrime looks!!!


Colors (from left to right)- Great Pink Planet, Airborne Unicorn, Countess Flourescent, Retrofuturist, Cosmopop, Centrifuchsia,D'Lilac, Coquette, My Beautiful Rocket, Mint To Be, No She Didn't, Styletto, New Yolk City

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chanel Look!

So here is the promised look, using mostly Chanel products. I only own one Chanel lipstick and I didn't have it on hand. So on my lips I am wearing MAC's Fuschia lip liner.

On my face I am wearing Orchid Rose powder blush. Which smells amazing!

On my eyes white, pink and the dark color from Ombres Perlees De Chanel. I used the pink on my lid, in my crease I used the darkest color and the white as a highlight.

P.S. Soon I will start my round 2 of my diet and I have decided I'm going to start my Career as a video blogger!!! So Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Makeup Haul

Lately I have been on a make up buying spree. It's probably because on the hcg diet vlcd you may only wear a very limited amount of makeup, because most of it has butter and oils. This is probably the reason I found it necessary to buy all 13 shades of lime crime's lipstick. Which I will blog about when I recieve in mail. Im really excited, but today I will talk about the rest of the makeup I recently aquired. I recently got a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card and of course I bought makeup with part of it. I got Chanel's orchid rose blush, the le vernis black pearl nail polish and the spring collection 5 shadow ombres pearl. Also, the lady showed me the summer collection and I fell in love with the eyeliner so I was put on the order list, for when the collection comes in. I am very excited because the eye liner looks like the color I that my eyes will be doing a lot of popping in it. I love all my channel products and I will definitely do a Chanel inspired look. I also purchased one of Make Up Forever diamond collection lab shine D8, Mac Magenta lip liner, and Macs pressed powder love all of these! Finally but not least, I stopped at the good ol' Mills today and scored an awesome Nars palette for $47 bucks at the Off Saks store, orginally it was $100.

Here it is! The NARS 15th Anniversary Everlasting Love Palette

I used this palette today to make this 70's dark eyes look, with a nude lip. The eye shadow in this palette is very creamy and smooth. I'm not a big fan lipsticks on a palette I don't like using lipstick in these kinds of palettes because you need a brush and they usually not stick well. I wasn't blown away by this one. I am in love with the blush called Orgazm it's a nice shimmery orangy pink color, it gives you a nice pop. LOVE IT! Its a big plus to have in this palette since I paid $47, and the blush itself cost $27 dollar.

Here is the look:

Here is the eye:

Overall, I think this palette is pretty good. They are not my usual colors, but it has benefits and the eye shadow is creamy and highly pigmented. I would not but this palette for $100, but if its on sale I would get it.

I also wanted to share this awesome pattern on my new pants, it's hard to put outfits together but its def worth it, I mean come on, very unique.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hey guys, So I've been wrapping up Phase 2 of my diet, so I have been pretty busy. Preparing for Phase 3 which means NO SUGAR/NO STARCH. You would not believe how many companies hide these things in their product. EVEN STEVIA in the RAW, has sugar and is a no no. But, My progress is amazing My last Day "injection" day on the diet and I was 22 pounds down. AMAZING! I'm really excited to finally get down to the weight I've always wanted to be. I'm also excited for warm weather.

I thought I'd share some things that are hot, and not for SPRING 2011

What's HOT:

70' Glamour
Biker Clothing
STUDSSS- aka punk fashions
Bell- Bottoms
Cat-eye glasses
neutral colors
color blocking

What's NOT:
Giant Bows
Ripped Clothing