Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleigh Bells vs. Borys the Polish pop singer

So a few weeks ago I went to see Sleigh Bells at a midnight concert at the Metro in Chi-Town. It was a very different scene then most concerts I have been too, but it was totes rad. I'm now pretty obsessed with their music. Sleigh Bells is a fairly new band established in 2008. They have one album called "Treats" The Duet consist of the vocalist Alexis Krauss, and Derek E. Miller who is the songwriter,producer and guitarist. They are very original, the sound they produces is very electro pop but, what I like is that it has an edgy feel. The guitarist plays so awesome hard riffs. See for yourselves below:

On the other hand, we have Borys Czapiewski. Who is also fairly new. Before his career as a pop singer, he was a backup dancer for many other Polish Divas. He became "famous" with his hit single "My Love" two summers ago, and released a CD called "Paczatek" which means beginning. Although this CD was not a great success, there is a place in my heart for it. Why? see for yourself:

(How can you not love him.)

So you might be thinking what does one have to do with the other? Well I'll tell you what:

(Borys Czapiewski on the left, Derek E. Miller on the right)


PS. When we saw Sleigh Bells the opening "Deejay", was utterly radick. His name was Pictureplane, and he had a "dancer" named. Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze was a women dressed in black from head to toe with a ski mask. Mr. Freeze also had of the gymnastics swirl ribbon thing. The song names were also whack, I don't remember what they were exactly but they went along the lines of, Space, Turquoise, and Teenagers in space. No words can really explain this embarrassment. This next clip is actually from the concert I went to. Check it out if you wanna see something ridiculously whack.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crystals! Crystals! Crystals!

So I'm a big fan of crystals, but why are they sooo cool?
I love crystals for many reasons, first of all they are beautiful and they make any outfit stand out. Although crystals are used for many more things then just precious jewellery.On top of it they bring natural energy in to your life. When choosing crystals there are many things to consider. First of all, the crystals needs to appeal to you. DO NOT JUST BUY A CRYSTAL BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSE TO MEAN A SPECIFIC THING. Other important aspect of choosing crystals is the hardness, shape and color. It all depends on what you want your crystal to do. When purchasing a crystal take in consideration the hardness of the crystal. If you want something that will absorbs negative energy you need to get a softer one.

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, colors, types it can be overwhelming. Don't worry about it too much, grab the ones that appeal to you and learn about them later.

These are some of my favorites in my collection:

Where do you buy crystals?

There are not that many stores that sell crystals. If you go psychic reading stores, or little stores specializing in crystals it may be overpriced. There are many online crystal store, but the problem with these stores are that you can't feel the connection between you and the crystal and sometimes a picture will not suffice. Therefore you have to be patient when buying crystals. It's kinda silly but sometimes the best is looking at gift shops or even in your backyard. If you live in the Chicago-land area I have found a store called Black Mineral Market, located in Gurnee Mills Mall, this store has a large variety and is VERY reasonably priced.

When organizing your crystal you should remember a few things. If the crystal has a point the energy will come through that point. This means you should point it where you want the energy to go. You also want to place them somewhere they will be easily accessible. That way when you would like to preform a ritual, or make crystal water it is to grab the crystals you need.

If you would like more information about the art of crystal please visit the sites below:

Meaning of crystals:


Making Healing water:

Their are also many books on the matter as well. So Check your local bookstore or Library!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update Post.

So its been awhile I know, but I promise I will start back up again. It's been quite a bad few months. This post is a quick update on some things that have not been documented due to lack of anytime. So this weekend was my 21st birthday, I don't have many pictures due to a camera malfunction and the ones my friend Brittany took still need to be developed. I do have one that I would like to share though. This picture is me and Dj Magix. Dj Magix is a local deejay who plays at a few clubs around the chicago-land area. Even though he may not be huge he is kinda like a celebrity to me, and he would definitely be on my celebrity heros list. My friends knowing this, decided to book Dj Magix to Deejay for my 21st birthday. I thought we were waiting for some friends and my friend Wu's house, before we went out for a night on the town, when they suprised me with Dj Magix in the basement. I was really shocked. I was totally embarrassed. Turns out he is actually pretty nice in person.

I look exceptionally disgusting. But besides that, I had to post it because I never thought I would actually get to take a picture with Dj Magix. I have my amazing friends to thank for that. SO THANKS!

Other important news in my life, is pretty boring. School this semester is slowly killing me it's horrible. School and work consume my life pretty much. I've also been dealing with some family drama. So once again sorry for the time without any posts.

Things to look forward soon:
- I'm working on a piece on crystals and sharing some tips about purchasing and using crystals for healing.
- My list of shopping websites I adore
- Interview with new up coming artist Larry Jean Nair
- Street Fashion