Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not? Year 2010

So this year is on its way, and the new trends are on their way as well. I figured I would tell you what I believe is going to be hot and not so much.

PIcture above is from Givenchy's spring 2010.

For the Men,

- Polka-Dots
-Pocket handkerchief
-Straight jeans
-Bold colors

-Flare jeans
-Very Skinny skinny jeans
-Solid colors

Proenza Schouler boys

For the Women,

-Knee high socks
-Military/Warrior wear
-See through fabrics
-boyfriend blazers

-French Manicure
- Long extensions
-Wide-leg pants
-Boyfriend sweaters

What do you think will be hot?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This spring we will being seeing a lot of Lace. I wanted to make an outfit that stood out, but was practical and can be worn to school for example. I was inspired by this Valentino Spring 2010 Look.
This looks has a lot of texture and uses a lacy material. The color scheme is grey, but the model skin gives it a nice contrast. Although I would not wear this out in public, I like that Valentino used different patterns and lace. I applied this to make an outfit I could wear out on the streets, or in the classroom.
When putting this outfit together I knew that I would have trouble to make sure not to over due anything. I was determined to wear these new tights. I figured that if I want to mix patterns I would have to make sure there was something that each of the pieces would tie them together. The purple on the thighs and the purple on the shirt tied those together. The black lace skirt, shoes, and jacket all were black. Even though the black lace skirt and tights were a little risky, I think in the end it turned out well.

In this outfit I'm wearing:
T-shirt with boombox, Target
Black Zipup, Shanghai Red (TJMaxx)
Black Lace Skirt, Fleurish ( Macy's)
Bow Tights, H & M
and My favorite thing ever Volatile shoes.

In fact here is a close-up:

I like these because they make sneakers feel stylish. Also, big plus if your short! They are super tall and very comfy. If you want to spice up your shoe closet, but still look a bit sporty. Volatile has some sneakers, if your looking for a boost in height.

I'm hoping to put together some Gossip Girl Looks soon, SO BE EXCITED!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flower Power

So today I took a trip down to the Mac Cosmetics. If your into make up they have the new limited edition stuff called "Spring Forecast". It comes in 4 different colour palettes. Its selling rather quickly so if your interested you should run down to your nearest Mac Cosmetics. I scored some Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom( from the Spring Forecast Collection), Foundation with SPF 15 and Lustre Lipstick in the color Viva la Gaga ( which goes to the aids foundation).

My roommates weren't home today, so I improvised on my photo taking. I took a close up my flower inspired outfit and my makeup (using my new Mac products.)

My outfit was inspired by my headband (which my friend made me) , its definitely playful and needs to be worn with the right outfit. The color scheme were light,bright and flirty colors.
I'm wearing a Fleurish skirt from Macy's,
A Hot pink tank top from Target,
A zip up Ralph Lauren sweater from Nordstrom Rack,
A pair of Pale Purple tights from H&M
and last but not least my favorite pair of Not Rated heels.
For my makeup: I took Erase Paste by benefit, then I took Mac foundation and brushed it evenly over my face and lightly powered it with Mac Sheer Powder. I also used my new Blush Ombre for my cheeks. For my eyes, I took Mac waterproof eyeliner in color buried treasure to outline the bottom of my lid. I then proceeded to prime my eyes with Urban Decay's primer. I then matched a pink color of coastal scents eye shadow. I used Mark by Avon mascara in black. For my lips, to keep moisture i used a Honey trap lip balm by Lush and topped it off with my viva la Gaga lipstick.

P.S. Tonight Gossip Girl Returns! I'm really excited to see Eric Damon's picks!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Welcome everyone!

Spring is just around the corner and todays weather (Sunny and in the 40's) has inspired me begin on a new project. So well come aboard fellow bloggers and readers. I hope you enjoy my style, tips and gadgets.

Over the winter I bought a pair of shoes that I'm dying to wear! With snowy weather in a big city like Chicago, its hard to wear heels, especially if your known to be clumsy. So when the snow melts, you may be able to spot me on the streets in these:
I bought them at Akira Shoes on Diversey and Clark. Although this store can be a bit pricey for what they offer, if you go at the right time or purchase on sale it can be a good buy. These shoes are Jeffrey Campbell's Michelle in Black Sheepskin. I bought them on sale for $79.00

With Fashion Week being over we have gotten a glimpse of what we will see this season. One of Louis Vuitton's Spring looks has inspired me. Although, my take on it may be conservative, its cute and can be worn to school, shopping or even a casual party.

So what I'm wearing is:
A Gap tank top with grey horizontal stripes.
A Forever 21 red skirt with rope drawstring.
A pair of sweater leggings from Target.
And my awesome new navy sweater which I scored at the thrift store from Ralph Lauren's chaps collection.

Here is a closer view of the top of my outfit.

On that note, I'm going to enjoy the weather and go for a little stroll before heading to work!