Monday, April 26, 2010

Serena Upper East Side's Ex bad girl.

Serena is one of my favorite characters on Gossip Girl. I wish we could see more of Serena Gone Wild, but its nice to see that she trying to be on the right path. The look that I wanted to do is a classical Gossip Girl look. Back to were everything began St. Constance High School. Gossip Girl's character Serena (played by Blake Lively) shows us how you can make even a school uniform sexy.

I mean... look at this:

So I designed Gossip Girl look for school or a casual outing with your friends. I know some ladies have a hard time wearing ties as a part of a "Going out with your Friends" look, so there are two versions of the outfit. The cost of the outfit (besides for boots) is about $10 from a few different thrift store in Chicago.

The Breakdown:
White 3/4 Sleeve Shirt...........$1.99
Black Vest.............................$3.00
Plaid Skirt.............................$4.00
Bamboo Boots............about $60 (not thrifted)

The Breakdown is the same as the outfit above, only difference is the scarf which I bought for 50 cents.

PS. THANK YOU MODELS, MAL and ALEX for being SUPER awesome and letting me take pictures of you in you NEW super trendy clothes. xox

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Chuck Bass

So I as I promised the time has finally come, the Gossip Girl look for men.

Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick is a sophisticated upper east side, although he is a bad boy, his outfits are classical, colorful and sophisticated. Some people think his outfits are over the top outrageous,but if you tone it down right it could be a perfect outfit for you. Not only can you adopt a new look you can do it on a budget, by shopping at a thrift store.

This outfit takes the classic shirt and tie look and adds its own uniqueness by adding suspenders.
White collar shirt- $2
Suspenders- $.50

This outfit is something more wearable to for example school.
White collar shirt- $2
Tie- $1.50
Argyle sweater- $2.50
Pants- $4

Now anyone be just as Great as The Great Chuck Bass.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Romper

So this is what I wore when my dad and I went to bless our Easter basket.

I think this is a nice springy piece with the flowers on the romper, and my purple tights bring out some of the colors on the flowers while the necklace and shoes bring out the greens and yellows.

This is a close up of my shoes. (it was a rainy day)

And these are my accessories:

This necklace is very unque and it brings out the yellows in my outfit, its made out of amber.

I really like my new headband as well as how my makeup turned out!

For my make up I finally have perfected eyeliner for the upper lid, with my new Mac gel liner. The headband is outrageous but at the same time I love it so much.

So here is what I'm wearing:
Floral Romper from Torrid
Light Purple tights H&M
Green Sporto rain boots
A black vintage purse
An amber necklace from Poland
Black headband from Forever 21

PS. Im thinking of doing something with my hair any suggestions?