Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A post from the port.

Sorry for being M.i.a. for the past month. I have been a busy bee. I had finals a week ago and now as we speak/type I am at the airport. Yes I am going to europe well mostly Poland for two whole months. I will try to blog while im there but I know internet maybe difficult in some places. I will try my best :)

The airport is a very weird place, its soo diverse and people do not act like themselves. As I am a worldy traveler, I think ill share some of my traveling tricks for how to dress for your trip.

1. Check the weather at your destination.
2. Always wear long pants, if your your going to a place where its warm leggings may be better.(no matter how hot it is it will get cold on the plane.)
3. Wear a comfy t-shirt or blouse.
4. Bring a cardigan-blazer something to cover up with. (i try to pick something I wanna take on the trip but takes up the most space, this saves me room in my luggage.
5. Wear closed comfy shoes.(no heels, no flip flops, something east,to take off for security.)

If you feel like you need to stylish, you can always glam up your outfit. With a nice accesory such as a scarf, this is nice because it is not metal and you don't have to take it off trough security. Pick a nice cutr neutral bag for you trip and you will look stylish and be comfy on and off the plane.


PS expect a post from Poland soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Collective Haul and Diet Update

Sorry, guys I haven't posted anything in awhile, finals are being annoying!!!

Enjoy my Video!!