Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Favorites!

Its cold, and snowy outside. These are my gotta haves this winter!!!

MAC Naked Honey Salve,keeps my lips nice and moist all winter!

My Neutrogena Moisturizer. Its light weight under your favorite make, and is perfect for any skin, because it controls oils and moisturizes dry areas.

The Scent for my winter days is: Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani. It smells like a perfect gush of wind with a sweet freshness.

My Ultra Chi hair straightener. keeps my hair manageable during the winter.

My urban decay I <3 New York Palette gives me a look for everyday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blast from the past: Fashion

So now that I'm break I have been doing some house organizing. I started with my room in my childhood house in the suburbs. I decided to toss my old childhood papers, and barbies to transform the space into an art studio. It's going well, but is not quite finished yet. During the process I found many pictures from the past,this explains were I get my fashion sense from... I thought I would share these amazing photos.

Here I am in my classy dress on my first trip ever, Jamaica. Thanks parents for leaving me with a strange man trying to sell us sea shells.

I hear these are going to be the next trend:

Believe it or not this is a normal site, if you are polish or know my dad.

My grandma, dad and I in style on the polish streets.(seriously look at those hats)

Helping my mom sell in style.

I didn't wanna clash with the duck.

YES! That is a marijuana shirt while exploring the Versailles Palace in France.

No doubt about it! I was a well dressed child, even around the house.

Chillin' in the sun with mom, DIVA STYLE.

Yes, Dad and I had matching jackets. My dad said "Everyone wears such ugly colors, and this way you will stand out. Also, Ill be able to see you when I'm waiting for you to ski down." Thanks dad for rubbing it in that I'm slow. But I got to admit it definitely worked.

Dad and I try out Dubai Fashion.

I had a traditional Polish fashion phase.

Even the camels I ride have fashion.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, I should be posting my favorite winter products soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleigh Bells vs. Borys the Polish pop singer

So a few weeks ago I went to see Sleigh Bells at a midnight concert at the Metro in Chi-Town. It was a very different scene then most concerts I have been too, but it was totes rad. I'm now pretty obsessed with their music. Sleigh Bells is a fairly new band established in 2008. They have one album called "Treats" The Duet consist of the vocalist Alexis Krauss, and Derek E. Miller who is the songwriter,producer and guitarist. They are very original, the sound they produces is very electro pop but, what I like is that it has an edgy feel. The guitarist plays so awesome hard riffs. See for yourselves below:

On the other hand, we have Borys Czapiewski. Who is also fairly new. Before his career as a pop singer, he was a backup dancer for many other Polish Divas. He became "famous" with his hit single "My Love" two summers ago, and released a CD called "Paczatek" which means beginning. Although this CD was not a great success, there is a place in my heart for it. Why? see for yourself:

(How can you not love him.)

So you might be thinking what does one have to do with the other? Well I'll tell you what:

(Borys Czapiewski on the left, Derek E. Miller on the right)


PS. When we saw Sleigh Bells the opening "Deejay", was utterly radick. His name was Pictureplane, and he had a "dancer" named. Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze was a women dressed in black from head to toe with a ski mask. Mr. Freeze also had of the gymnastics swirl ribbon thing. The song names were also whack, I don't remember what they were exactly but they went along the lines of, Space, Turquoise, and Teenagers in space. No words can really explain this embarrassment. This next clip is actually from the concert I went to. Check it out if you wanna see something ridiculously whack.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crystals! Crystals! Crystals!

So I'm a big fan of crystals, but why are they sooo cool?
I love crystals for many reasons, first of all they are beautiful and they make any outfit stand out. Although crystals are used for many more things then just precious jewellery.On top of it they bring natural energy in to your life. When choosing crystals there are many things to consider. First of all, the crystals needs to appeal to you. DO NOT JUST BUY A CRYSTAL BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSE TO MEAN A SPECIFIC THING. Other important aspect of choosing crystals is the hardness, shape and color. It all depends on what you want your crystal to do. When purchasing a crystal take in consideration the hardness of the crystal. If you want something that will absorbs negative energy you need to get a softer one.

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, colors, types it can be overwhelming. Don't worry about it too much, grab the ones that appeal to you and learn about them later.

These are some of my favorites in my collection:

Where do you buy crystals?

There are not that many stores that sell crystals. If you go psychic reading stores, or little stores specializing in crystals it may be overpriced. There are many online crystal store, but the problem with these stores are that you can't feel the connection between you and the crystal and sometimes a picture will not suffice. Therefore you have to be patient when buying crystals. It's kinda silly but sometimes the best is looking at gift shops or even in your backyard. If you live in the Chicago-land area I have found a store called Black Mineral Market, located in Gurnee Mills Mall, this store has a large variety and is VERY reasonably priced.

When organizing your crystal you should remember a few things. If the crystal has a point the energy will come through that point. This means you should point it where you want the energy to go. You also want to place them somewhere they will be easily accessible. That way when you would like to preform a ritual, or make crystal water it is to grab the crystals you need.

If you would like more information about the art of crystal please visit the sites below:

Meaning of crystals:


Making Healing water:

Their are also many books on the matter as well. So Check your local bookstore or Library!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update Post.

So its been awhile I know, but I promise I will start back up again. It's been quite a bad few months. This post is a quick update on some things that have not been documented due to lack of anytime. So this weekend was my 21st birthday, I don't have many pictures due to a camera malfunction and the ones my friend Brittany took still need to be developed. I do have one that I would like to share though. This picture is me and Dj Magix. Dj Magix is a local deejay who plays at a few clubs around the chicago-land area. Even though he may not be huge he is kinda like a celebrity to me, and he would definitely be on my celebrity heros list. My friends knowing this, decided to book Dj Magix to Deejay for my 21st birthday. I thought we were waiting for some friends and my friend Wu's house, before we went out for a night on the town, when they suprised me with Dj Magix in the basement. I was really shocked. I was totally embarrassed. Turns out he is actually pretty nice in person.

I look exceptionally disgusting. But besides that, I had to post it because I never thought I would actually get to take a picture with Dj Magix. I have my amazing friends to thank for that. SO THANKS!

Other important news in my life, is pretty boring. School this semester is slowly killing me it's horrible. School and work consume my life pretty much. I've also been dealing with some family drama. So once again sorry for the time without any posts.

Things to look forward soon:
- I'm working on a piece on crystals and sharing some tips about purchasing and using crystals for healing.
- My list of shopping websites I adore
- Interview with new up coming artist Larry Jean Nair
- Street Fashion

Thursday, June 10, 2010


First of all I'd like to apologize for my lack of posts. I'm moving in two weeks and on top of my usual busy self, I had to find a place, which was harder then I expected. So here is a post about shorts. I'd also like to mention that in two weeks when I'm done decorating my room I will do an apartment special. So thats something to look forward too, also I just bought a video camera so I may be adding some videos to my blog. EXCITING, I know.

It's hot outside so its time to wear some shorts! I personally look really ugly in most shorts but, I found some shorts that I ADORE. Of course I had to buy a few pairs of them . They were a bit pricey (Urban Outfitters) but totally worth it.

So these are the Two looks I put together:

"Party Time"

I absolutely love this outfit. I decided to wear my new yellow boots so I figured I'd use yellow as my accessory color, wearing my gorgeous amber necklace and bracelet from Poland.

Headband/hat.......Hot Topic
Shirt..................... H&M
Black Shorts..........Urban Outfitters
Long sweater........Thrift Store
Yellow Boots........Akira Shoes

"Movie with the Girls"

This look is more casual, something you wear to hang out with your friends.

Shirt.....................Urban Outfitters
Striped Shorts.......Urban Outfitters
Yellow Boots.........Akira Shoes
Yellow Purse........Nine West
Crystals/Necklace. .Urban Outfitters

Sunday, May 30, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flower

It's nice and warm outside, no more heavy clothes! This is what I wore the day after I got home from Poland.

This dress is a simple patterned dress found at a Polish thrift store, but adding some cute accessories makes it trendy. This summer is all about accessories.

purple necklace from garage sale
pattern fishnets from Target
Studded flower belt from Poland

Polish Findings.

So Im sorry I haven't been posting anything recently. I went on a little Vaca to Poland. Let me tell you some amazing stuff, here are my favs.

Awesome ankle boots from Graceland

Shiny Lacoste athletic shoes

Awesome high heeled ankle boots from Graceland

LADY GAGA SHIRTS!!! From New Yorker

Monday, April 26, 2010

Serena Upper East Side's Ex bad girl.

Serena is one of my favorite characters on Gossip Girl. I wish we could see more of Serena Gone Wild, but its nice to see that she trying to be on the right path. The look that I wanted to do is a classical Gossip Girl look. Back to were everything began St. Constance High School. Gossip Girl's character Serena (played by Blake Lively) shows us how you can make even a school uniform sexy.

I mean... look at this:

So I designed Gossip Girl look for school or a casual outing with your friends. I know some ladies have a hard time wearing ties as a part of a "Going out with your Friends" look, so there are two versions of the outfit. The cost of the outfit (besides for boots) is about $10 from a few different thrift store in Chicago.

The Breakdown:
White 3/4 Sleeve Shirt...........$1.99
Black Vest.............................$3.00
Plaid Skirt.............................$4.00
Bamboo Boots............about $60 (not thrifted)

The Breakdown is the same as the outfit above, only difference is the scarf which I bought for 50 cents.

PS. THANK YOU MODELS, MAL and ALEX for being SUPER awesome and letting me take pictures of you in you NEW super trendy clothes. xox

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Chuck Bass

So I as I promised the time has finally come, the Gossip Girl look for men.

Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick is a sophisticated upper east side, although he is a bad boy, his outfits are classical, colorful and sophisticated. Some people think his outfits are over the top outrageous,but if you tone it down right it could be a perfect outfit for you. Not only can you adopt a new look you can do it on a budget, by shopping at a thrift store.

This outfit takes the classic shirt and tie look and adds its own uniqueness by adding suspenders.
White collar shirt- $2
Suspenders- $.50

This outfit is something more wearable to for example school.
White collar shirt- $2
Tie- $1.50
Argyle sweater- $2.50
Pants- $4

Now anyone be just as Great as The Great Chuck Bass.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Romper

So this is what I wore when my dad and I went to bless our Easter basket.

I think this is a nice springy piece with the flowers on the romper, and my purple tights bring out some of the colors on the flowers while the necklace and shoes bring out the greens and yellows.

This is a close up of my shoes. (it was a rainy day)

And these are my accessories:

This necklace is very unque and it brings out the yellows in my outfit, its made out of amber.

I really like my new headband as well as how my makeup turned out!

For my make up I finally have perfected eyeliner for the upper lid, with my new Mac gel liner. The headband is outrageous but at the same time I love it so much.

So here is what I'm wearing:
Floral Romper from Torrid
Light Purple tights H&M
Green Sporto rain boots
A black vintage purse
An amber necklace from Poland
Black headband from Forever 21

PS. Im thinking of doing something with my hair any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not? Year 2010

So this year is on its way, and the new trends are on their way as well. I figured I would tell you what I believe is going to be hot and not so much.

PIcture above is from Givenchy's spring 2010.

For the Men,

- Polka-Dots
-Pocket handkerchief
-Straight jeans
-Bold colors

-Flare jeans
-Very Skinny skinny jeans
-Solid colors

Proenza Schouler boys

For the Women,

-Knee high socks
-Military/Warrior wear
-See through fabrics
-boyfriend blazers

-French Manicure
- Long extensions
-Wide-leg pants
-Boyfriend sweaters

What do you think will be hot?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This spring we will being seeing a lot of Lace. I wanted to make an outfit that stood out, but was practical and can be worn to school for example. I was inspired by this Valentino Spring 2010 Look.
This looks has a lot of texture and uses a lacy material. The color scheme is grey, but the model skin gives it a nice contrast. Although I would not wear this out in public, I like that Valentino used different patterns and lace. I applied this to make an outfit I could wear out on the streets, or in the classroom.
When putting this outfit together I knew that I would have trouble to make sure not to over due anything. I was determined to wear these new tights. I figured that if I want to mix patterns I would have to make sure there was something that each of the pieces would tie them together. The purple on the thighs and the purple on the shirt tied those together. The black lace skirt, shoes, and jacket all were black. Even though the black lace skirt and tights were a little risky, I think in the end it turned out well.

In this outfit I'm wearing:
T-shirt with boombox, Target
Black Zipup, Shanghai Red (TJMaxx)
Black Lace Skirt, Fleurish ( Macy's)
Bow Tights, H & M
and My favorite thing ever Volatile shoes.

In fact here is a close-up:

I like these because they make sneakers feel stylish. Also, big plus if your short! They are super tall and very comfy. If you want to spice up your shoe closet, but still look a bit sporty. Volatile has some sneakers, if your looking for a boost in height.

I'm hoping to put together some Gossip Girl Looks soon, SO BE EXCITED!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flower Power

So today I took a trip down to the Mac Cosmetics. If your into make up they have the new limited edition stuff called "Spring Forecast". It comes in 4 different colour palettes. Its selling rather quickly so if your interested you should run down to your nearest Mac Cosmetics. I scored some Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom( from the Spring Forecast Collection), Foundation with SPF 15 and Lustre Lipstick in the color Viva la Gaga ( which goes to the aids foundation).

My roommates weren't home today, so I improvised on my photo taking. I took a close up my flower inspired outfit and my makeup (using my new Mac products.)

My outfit was inspired by my headband (which my friend made me) , its definitely playful and needs to be worn with the right outfit. The color scheme were light,bright and flirty colors.
I'm wearing a Fleurish skirt from Macy's,
A Hot pink tank top from Target,
A zip up Ralph Lauren sweater from Nordstrom Rack,
A pair of Pale Purple tights from H&M
and last but not least my favorite pair of Not Rated heels.
For my makeup: I took Erase Paste by benefit, then I took Mac foundation and brushed it evenly over my face and lightly powered it with Mac Sheer Powder. I also used my new Blush Ombre for my cheeks. For my eyes, I took Mac waterproof eyeliner in color buried treasure to outline the bottom of my lid. I then proceeded to prime my eyes with Urban Decay's primer. I then matched a pink color of coastal scents eye shadow. I used Mark by Avon mascara in black. For my lips, to keep moisture i used a Honey trap lip balm by Lush and topped it off with my viva la Gaga lipstick.

P.S. Tonight Gossip Girl Returns! I'm really excited to see Eric Damon's picks!